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magazine mania!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I am sitting here with 12 new magazines on my bed. Seven of them I purchased over the weekend and I received five of them in the mail. I am a self-proclaimed magazine fiend, so I am in – as they say – hog heaven! Oink, oink!

My mags of choice – InStyle, Essence, Body & Soul, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Clean Eating, Self and Vogue. The mail-ins – Elle, Food & Wine, Allure, GQ, Architectural Digest (even though I do adore interior design, I only get this b/c they sent it to replace my Domino subscription. I miss Domino!) Oh yeah, I also get HR Magazine. I’ll read that one last – LOL!

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domino redux


Recently I received the latest issue of one of my favorite magazines, domino.  As usual, it is chock full of fabulous full-color photos and inspiring ideas for making changes to your environ.  I became a domino subscriber years ago.  I read one issue and I was hooked.  They had me at “hello.”  In true packrat fashion, I still have all of my issues of domino and I intend to keep them. 

domino has such a fresh, unstuffy approach to design – they make it fun!  domino is not afraid of color and new ideas. It goes beyond the typical “inside the celebrity home” fluff  and delves into art and inspiration.  It also provides the reader with timely tips, truly doable room makeover ideas, and affordable suggestions.  domino magazine is not JUST about paint and furniture. It’s about ideas and inspiration.  It’s everything that I love about interior design…and more!

From the February 2009 issue: Tiny Kitchen Dinner Party Tips

Just because your kitchen is the size of a closet doesn’t mean you can’t have friends over for supper. New York City chef Colombe Jacobsen lays out her ingenious strategy for whipping up an impressive feast in a small space.

    1. Serve a one-dish meal. “Soup, salad, entree and dessert? Not easy in this kitchen!” Jacobsen laughs, so she opts for an effortless but elegant singel course.
    2. Choose a no-prep side. Her main course is a meal in itself, but if Jacobsen wants to up the ante, she goes with an add-on like fresh greens (usually spinach or watercress). She submerges them in a bowl of cold water, drains and then tosses them in a pot on the stove for a few minutes until wilted. “When the water’s almost gone, it’s done,” she says. She then adds toasted sesame oil, sea salt and sesame seeds for flavor.
    3. Go for easy-to-eat sweets. Finger foods make for an addictive dessert—and don’t require plates or forks.
    4. Make something a day before. To free up counter room on the day of the party, complete at least one dish ahead of time—Jacobsen suggests dessert. She likes coconut macaroons because they can be baked up to three days in advance.
    5. Stagger your day-of duties. Jacobsen divides her prep into chunks (“I don’t have room to fix everything all at once”). Before she leaves for work, she readies her ingredients, then stashes them in the fridge. Two hours before guests arrive, she sets the table, assembles the main elements, puts them aside and cleans up the kitchen. “Then I pour everyone a drink, put the fish in the oven and toss the greens on the stove. Fifteen minutes later, we can eat.”
    6. Pick simple drinks. Jacobsen sticks to ready-to-pour drinks inspired by her menu’s theme. “I love a fancy cocktail,” she says, “but my rule is, the less bother, the better.”
    7. Minimize utensils. A single knife and fork per guest make cleanup without a dishwasher faster.
    8. Make your furniture multitask. A stool serves as an extra counter; later, it becomes bonus seating.
    9. Be creative about storage. No linen closet? No problem. When you’re not using your dinner-party table clothes, Jacobsen suggests tacking them on the walls as decoration.
    10. Be even more creative about storage. Use every inch of space. With magnetic canisters, Jacobsen turned one side of her fridge into a clever ad hoc spice rack.

Happy Entertaining!