Well, it’s President’s Day. This “holiday,” like Columbus Day, means nothing to me other than a day off from work. I can get behind honoring the sacrifices of veterans and Martin Luther King, Jr., but Presidents? Not so much. Plus I grew up associating President’s Day with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and they were way, WAY, before my time. I do appreciate the day off though.

This President’s Day I’m deciding to focus on the current President instead of the Presidents of yesteryear.

Barack Obama has been the President of the United States of America for just over a year. I had, and to a degree still have, high hopes for what he will accomplish during his term. Well, as high as they can be considering that even a good politician is still a politician. I take everything that a politician says with a grain of salt. For some, it’s a whole shaker full. For the most part, Obama seems to be pretty much on the up & up. The Presidency is a challenging position to say the least, one for which I certainly wouldn’t volunteer. So, good luck, Mr. President. I wish you all the best. Happy President’s Day!

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