..Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ and I have something in common. We both spend a lot of time thinking. Every few months I tell myself that I will get better with my blogging. So I put up a post, maybe two, with the full intention of making it a regular habit. Then I’ll think about it. On a regular basis I’ll say to myself “you should do a blog post today.” Days go by, then weeks, then months…and nothing. But I’m still thinking about it. Do you see a pattern developing? Between work and Twitter(I’m a serious Twitter addict) I’m on the computer all the time, but..nothing. Still thinking. It finally occurred to me today why this happens. I’m over thinking the art of blogging!

Years ago I bought a book called “Women Who Think Too Much” recognizing myself in the title. It occurred to me today that this habit of over thinking has inhibited my blogging. I keep thinking that I have to post these fascinating pearls of wisdom, these brilliant manifestos…when really,all I have to do is post whatever I feel like posting. I had this idea that I had to make my blog super interesting, super eloquent – SUPER everything, or else what’s the point? I finally had the light bulb moment today that I was completely missing the point. I can post a sentence, a paragraph, a photo – whatever. This blog is about me and my interests and whatever comes to mind. Now that I’ve broken through this mental block, you can expect to see many more posts. I’m so excited. I hope you are too.

Be who you want to be today.