This-is-it-mjs-this-is-it-8705441-500-500Last Saturday I went to see ‘This Is It.’ For those who don’t know, this is the movie made about Michael Jackson’s preparation for what was to be his final tour.

The movie brought out so many emotions/feelings/thoughts – happiness, sadness, joy, pain, understanding, inspiration, anger…

Michael was obviously a true professional, a perfectionist and a genius. Some members of the tour were brought to tears when discussing how they felt about having the opportunity to perform with him. I can only imagine how that must have felt to a dancer or singer – being able to perform with Michael Jackson. !!!! Just watching him made my heart jump.

I can’t say this enough – Michael was magical. Just watching him perform on that screen was so moving. Michael was peace. Michael was joy. Michael was love incarnate.  Even when he had to “fuss” at someone, he ended it with “with love.” How beautiful is that? He will forever be missed.  Not just for his talent, but also for his spirit.

Be who you want to be today.