th_2009It’s the eve of a brand new year.  2009 to be exact.  Yesterday I signed up for a giveaway for a ticket to President-Elect Barack Obama’s Inauguration. In addition to the typical name and address info, they also asked “What Does this Inauguration Mean to You?”  I thought about it for a moment and then responded from the heart.  Whether or not I receive the ticket, I’m already signed up to volunteer for an Inauguration event because being a part of this historic occasion means just that much to me.  The question lead me to take it a step further though, and think, “What Does the New Year Mean to Me?”  I thought I’d share…

2009 means so many things to me.  It will be my first full year of life without my mother – the first time that I will not receive a “Happy New Year” phone call from my mother.  Of course she will always be in my thoughts and her presence will always be felt, but not being able to see her, touch her or hear her voice is still so painful. So in that regard, 2009 brings me a degree of sadness.

2009 also means newness to me. New experiences.  A new job (not sure where it will be yet, but I’m trying to think positive.) New people. New books to read. New thoughts. New ideas.  A new President!!! How exciting!

2009 also means uncertainty. The economy is in a shambles. Crime is up. Unemployment is up. Foreclosures are up. Problems abound. I’m sure that the problems affecting America as a whole will also impact me personally, but not quite sure yet all the ways in which they will manifest.

Overall, I’m welcoming the new year with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, but since I have no idea what the future holds (Where’s that Magic 8 ball when you need one?) I’m just going to take it one day at a time.  I encourage you to think about what the onset of a new year means to you.  Feel free to share…