taraji-bootsWomen (and certain men) are  used to wearing peep-toe shoes in the Spring /Summer.  Depending on your location, you may even be able to wear them year-round, or at least wear a nice peep-toe pump into the early Fall.  In 2008, the script has officially been flipped.  Toes are no longer in hibernation for the Winter.  Shoe designers, in all their infinite wisdom, have introduced us to the peep-toe boot and ankle boot.  At first I thought, “Interesting. But what’s the point? It’s going to be cold.”  Until I saw the Steve MaddenMidory.” 

It was shoe-love at first sight! I suddenly realized just how much sense a peep-toe ankle boot really makes.  Talk about versatile! Mini-dress, capris, jeans, slacks….barefeet or tights…the possibilities are endless.  And the “Midory” is amazingly comfortable for a 4″ heel.  This is definitely one of my favorite shoe purchases of 2008.    

This trend is not going anywhere just yet.   The super-hot  Steve MaddenMarrvel” has yet to be released.   Peep-toe and studded? Wear these and to paraphrase Kanye West, “They can’t tell you nothin’!”

Steve Madden doesn’t corner the market on the peep-toe boot, but the line has my favorite styles, by far. 

Check out It-Girl of the Moment, actress Taraji P. Henson (shown with actress Jill Marie Jones) rockin’ the style.


 Shoes Mentioned Above:


SM Marrvel


SM Midory

SM Martiny

SM Martiny