(Excerpted from my MySpace blog, Nov. 2007)

We must all realize and know our own worth! And act accordingly! Your self-worth directly correlates to how you are treated. I’m not talking about being conceited, arrogant or vain. I’m talking about your worth as a person first and secondly as a friend/lover/service provider/whatever the case may be. 

Admittedly, I have been guilty of not doing this, but that is all about to change. People in this world will try to take advantage of you, personally and professionally, and if you don’t realize that you are worth so much more than the BS that people will try to feed you, you will always be caught up in negative situations. And you will always have regrets.

So take it from T., in your relationships,know your worth! Don’t let that man/woman that you are involved with take you for granted. In business dealings, know your worth! Don’t let supervisors, colleagues, partners, clients etc. take advantage of you, devalue or try to underpay you, especially if it’s your own business. In friendships, know your worth!Don’t let someone who calls themself your friend mistreat or misuse you. Most importantly, when dealing with yourself – know your worth! Don’t take yourself for granted. Know that even though you aren’t perfect, you are the best you that you can be at this given moment and you deserve the best from those around you.

Another pearl of wisdom – I’m on a roll this week – you can only control yourself!You can not control how other people treat you or what other people think of you. The only person whose thoughts and actions you have control over are your own. So if you’re in a situation you don’t like, you’re there because you put yourself there and you continue to remain there.

I know that it’s not always easy to get out of a situation. Sometimes you have to bide your time for whatever reason.  But while you’re biding your time, make a plan.

So as you go about your day today and everyday, remember these two key things: Self-worth, if you don’t have a sense of self-worth, please work on developing one. It’ll take you farther than you can imagine and not having it will take you lower than you’ll ever want to be. Self-control, that’s all you’ve got. You can’t control anyone else. So work on making your thoughts and actions reflective of your inner self.